Welcome Back Athletic Trainers….

Thank you for contributing data! Your contributions make a difference. A recent article in the Journal of Athletic Training used injury data from NATION, as well as surveys with NATION ATs. It showed that ATs who are full-time school employees may be able to identify and care for more patients with injuries than outreach ATs. The full-time school employees recorded and treated more non-time loss injuries than the outreach ATs. You can read the full article here.

New Vendor Certifications….

Datalys is pleased to announce that we have several new companies in the process of becoming certified vendors.

-Currently, Vivature-NexTT is in the final stages of certification and we expect to begin receiving data no later than October 1st.

-We have three additional vendors in various stages of certification and we will keep you updated on their progress and milestone achievements as the process continues.




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