NCAA Injury Surveillance Program

The Injury Surveillance Program would not be possible without the selfless dedication of thousands of Athletic Trainers who have volunteered their time to provide data over more than three decades of service.

"As an Athletic Trainer who participated when I worked clinically, I appreciate the dedication required to participate and I cannot thank my fellow ATs enough for their devotion to injury prevention and student-athlete health and safety!"...Thomas P. Dompier, PhD, ATC, President of the Datalys Center.

To reduce the burden and challenges of participation, the Datalys center created a process that extracts de-identified data in a safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant manner directly from your eletronic health record application, thus reducing the burden of participation.

The Datalys Center has partnered with commercial eletronic health record application vendors who are also dedicated to student-athlete health and safety and reducing the burden of participation for Athletic Trainers. We ask Athletic Trainers to please consider our partners' applications when in the market for a new record keeping system and interested vendors who are not currently certified to participate, please contact us for details.

We always need more Athletic Trainers!

Greater participation is vital to answer tough-to-get questions, like what safety benefit has a particular rule change had on a specific type of injury. Individual ATs can participate even if the other staff at your institution do not wish to participate.

Please contact us if interested toll free 855-832-4222 or via email

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