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The Datalys Center partners with Electronic Health Record Vendors to conduct both the NCAA Injury Surveillance and High School NATION programs. Through the use of a "Export Engine", vendor applications submit de-identified common data elements to the Datalys Center's aggregate database. This process is safe and secure, and is Institutional Review Board approved. This process allows Athletic Trainers (AT) to document injuries and illnesses as they normally would as part of their daily clinical practice, thus eliminating the need for the AT to double-enter data. This process also does affect the overall performance of the certified applications.

Vendors interested in participating in the NCAA Injury Surveillance and High School NATION programs should contact us at Certification is voluntary, but the Datalys Center will promote certified applications in marketing materials, on our website, during recruitment phone calls with high schools and NCAA member institutions, and while attending meetings. Datalys Center staff and our IT Partner Arivium are available to assist in this process. As more and more conferences and individual institutions are becoming more data conscious, we believe becoming a certified partner will be a good business decision.

Currently Certified Partners

   (Export Engine Certified Partner)

Athletic Trainer System (ATS) is a multi-team, multi-sport system used by athletic trainers in high schools, colleges, professional teams and organizations to track injuries and related information. Information is shared securely between all modules with no synchronizing required. ATS consists of four modules: ATS Core, ATS Smartphone, ATS Web Portal and ATS Kiosk. A full-featured demonstration is available for independent evaluation. We are glad to discuss the variety of options presented by our software and answer any questions about its features and functions.

(Export Engine Certified Partner)

FlanTech Computer Services have been providing software solutions to the sports medicine community since 2000 with Sports Injury Management System (SIMS) as the flagship product. SIMS is an advanced injury documentation and management software application, designed to streamline the recording requirements of today’s athletic trainer. Introduced in 1986, SIMS has evolved from a research data collection tool to a comprehensive, user-friendly, injury management application. SIMS today can be found on hundreds of workstations nationwide, ranging from high school, university and professional training rooms, to clinics that provide outreach services

                                                                                    (Export Engine Certified Partner)

SportsWareOnline has been the leading injury tracking solution for Athletic Trainers since 1991.  SportsWareOnline gives users instant access to vital athlete information from any web-enabled device, 24/7/365, allowing Athletic Trainers to track injuries and treatments in real time right from the sidelines.  The latest features (including the Quick Treatments Module, the Exercise Database, and Sideline Concussion Tracking apps) let Athletic Trainers spend less time on paperwork and more time taking care of their athletes.

   (Export Engine Certified Partner)

As the only company focused in campus health, we make it possible for health centers and athletic departments to bill insurance companies as in-network providers. That means saving students money while creating extra revenue for services you already provide. Using our cutting edge software, you can also eliminate inefficiencies and unwanted costs.

Presagia Sports is a secure web-based and mobile-accessible multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and concussion assessment system that centralizes athlete health data including injuries and illnesses, treatments, surgeries, and medications. It also provides real-time reporting and communication tools to connect the medical team in support of collaborative healthcare. Sports organizations from Academic and Professional to Sports Medicine Clinics and Sporting Federations leverage Presagia Sports to increase the quality of care provided to their athletes.

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