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Injury and illness surveillance is the first step in the prevention process, and injury and illness prevention is the first domain identifiedin the BOC Athletic Trainers' Role Delineation Study. The Datalys Center and Athletic Trainers work together to describe injury patterns in sports ranging from 5 year olds through college participation. None of the Datalys Center's injury surveillance programs would be possible without the selfless support of countless athletic trainers across the youth, high school and collegiate levels of sport.

Contributing data is easier than ever in the 40+ years history of injury surveillance. Gone are the days of entering injury information once for the Athletic Trainers record keeping purposes and also for the injury surveillance program. Datalys created a system that can simply extract common data elements from one of several certified Electronic Health Record applications. This allows Athletic Trainers to document injuries and illness as part of their normal clinical practice eliminating the need to double-enter data for purposes of injury surveillance.

Athletic Trainers interested in injury and illness and prevention can contact the Datalys Center for opportunities to participate in our youth, high school or collegiate injury surveillance programs. or toll free at 855-832-4222.

There are several benefits for participation in our High School and NCAA Injury Surveillance Programs.

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