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NCAA Injury Surveillance Data Requests


In the last 18 months, interest from the research community in de-identified ISP data has increased rapidly. Consequently, as part of a broader effort to update and refine the policies and procedures guiding this program, the NCAA Sport Science Institute announces a forthcoming moratorium on requests for these data.
The moratorium will begin November 7, 2018. We will post updates on the status of the moratorium as they become available. 

During the moratorium, the SSI will work with the Datalys Center to streamline the Datalys Injury Statistics Clearinghouse process for NCAA-ISP data and provide a more efficient system. Researchers working on upcoming projects that require the use of NCAA injury data may submit a request using the existing DISC application before November 7, 2018. Applications using the existing DISC application and received on or after November 7 will not be reviewed. A refreshed application process will be available to researchers in Fall 2019.
If you have questions about the moratorium, please contact the SSI at ssi@ncaa.org.

High School NATION Data Requests

The Datalys Center provides a process for obtaining High School de-identified line item data from the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION) Surveillance Program. Researchers are required to fill out a DISC application (link located below). The application allows investigators to outline their research proposals including: specific aims, statistical methodology, and what specific data they are requesting to access. This application is reviewed by the Datalys Center's Scientific Advisory Board where it is approved, returned for clarifications, or denied. Contingent upon the approval of the Scientific Advisory Board, the datasets are made available to researchers. The Datalys Center can preliminarily answer questions prior to application submission, via disc@datalyscenter.org or (855) 832-4222.

Please note:

• Requests for both NCAA-ISP and High School NATION datasets will require both the NCAA-ISP and High School NATION applications to be completed.
• Requested data will not be released without proof of human subjects' protections approval or exemption from primary investigator's Institutional Review Board. Applications in IRB review will be considered, but data will not be released until proof of approval or exemption is provided.

NOTICE: Only researchers, medical professionals, graduate students, and doctoral students should request data from the DISC. All applications should reflect the quality of work expected from these students and professionals as well as clear and specific scientific rationale. Applications from undergraduate students are not being accepted at this time.

DISC Nation Researcher Application

DISC NCAA ISP Researcher Application


Please note:

The form above is for general questions ONLY and is not considered a formal data request.

To formally request data, please use the PDF forms at the bottom of this page or click here for the NATION data application or here for the NCAA application.

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