Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is an external advisory board consisting of a group of scientists and experts in sports injury research. The SAB is an integral part of the Datalys Center's efforts to promote health and safety in sport and physical activity through dissemination of our research and data. The purpose of the SAB is to provide independent reviews of data requests, graduate student grant proposals, and to provide expert guidance in the Datalys Center's research and other initiatives.

Julie Agel, MS, ATC: Harbor View Injury Center, University of Minnesota
Dawn Comstock, PhD: University of Colorado, Denver
Julie Gilchrist, PhD: Centers for Disease Control
Jennifer Hootman, PhD, ATC: Centers for Disease Control
Steve Marshall, PhD: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bruce Miller, MD: University of Michigan
Alison Snyder, PhD, ATC: AT Still University
Jim Torner, PhD: University of Iowa
Gary Wilkerson, PhD, ATC: University of Tennessee Chattanooga

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