Injury Data Dashboard

The Injury Statistics Dashboard is limited to current NCAA Injury Surveillance Program participants. The dashboard will allow qualified users to perform detailed queries of their institutional data and limited queries against national averages. National averages are based on a 5-year dataset collected from 2004-2009 and will be updated at regular intervals. The national averages are only reported for specific queries with sufficient frequency to report reliably. In addition, the national averages only reflect medically-attended time loss injuries or injuries that required restriction from participation at least one day beyond the date of injury. The current system captures both zero-time loss and time injuries so institution seasonal injury rates may differ based on these definitions. Future updates to the national estimates will include both definitions.

Additionally, institutional data are based on crude estimates and only reflect data that has entered the database at the time of the query. Therefore, if you select the current year but the sport is only two weeks through the season, the data will only reflect those injuries and exposures entered into the system through those two weeks. Institutional data will change throughout the season of any particular sport. In addition, the institutional frequencies captured in the database may not be consistent with those reported by your electronic health record because only complete data enters the Datalys database.

Lastly, queries are limited to those sports that an institution contributes to the injury surveillance program. Therefore, if your institution only contributes football data, you will only be able to query football. Qualified users who have participated for multiple years will be able to query their historical data.

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