Datalys Center Injury Surveillance Tool (IST)

The IST augments and facilitates an online record keeping process. It is designed as a free electronic health record application that Athletic Trainers (AT) can use to document injuries and illnesses. In doing so, the IST provides important injury and illness information to the Datalys Center that is used to guide the NCAA and High Schools in their health and safety initiatives. The IST deliberately does not have all of the functionality of our certified technology partners’ systems, but captures the minimal information required to participate in the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program.

A result of this more focused application is that the work flow has been streamlined to lessen the amount of time needed by an athletic trainer. The Injury Surveillance Tool includes functionality for all NCAA Sports, their Rosters, a Calendar (all seasons), inclusive Injury Reporting (all timeloss and non-timeloss), and individualized Injury Case Printing. The Tool is provided at no cost to NCAA member institutions and High Schools participating in the Datalys Center's NCAA Injury Surveillance programs. If you would like to demo the IST, please contact us at

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