Funded initially by National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research and Education Foundation and BioCrossroads, the Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention has launched the first study integrating injury surveillance, treatment, and patient-reported health-outcomes using data gathered by athletic trainers in public high schools. The program is named the High School National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (High School NATION).

Athletic trainers are health care professionals who specialize in the sports injuries and illnesses. Injuries among our high school athletes present unique challenges for health care professionals. NATION will evaluate the impact of athletic training services on high school students, ultimately leading to better care for our student athletes.


The Datalys Center uses a Common Data Element approach to data collection. We call this approach the Export Engine Transmission Standard. The Export Engine program allows athletic trainers using a variety of Electronic Health Record applications to submit data to the NCAA ISP. This approach reduces, if not eliminates, the need of double data entry. We currently have two certified vendors; ATS and SIMS. We also have our own streamlined Electronic Health Record application, the Injury Surveillance Tool (IST), that we can provide free-of-charge, to interested programs.

If you are an athletic trainer working with high school athletics and interested in participating in NATION, please contact the Datalys Center at or 855-832-4222. A Datalys Center representative will answer your questions and provide information on the participation options available to you.

For additional information regarding the Methodology of the NATION, please refer to our upcoming methodology manuscript from the Journal of Athletic Training.

For a list of manuscripts published using NATION data, please click here.

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